WooCommerce 1.4 is released with new functions

WooCommerce couldn’t wait any longer for our usual Thursday drop, especially seeing we’ve been quiet on  the WooCommerce front the last few weeks with Mike and Jay coding up an absolute storm in their bunker in the UK! With that said we are HUGELY excited about today’s release of WooCommerce 1.4!

Version 1.4 is perhaps not a massively exciting release for the end-user, but for developers it’s a biggy. We’ve re-written large chunks of code, made all round refinements to the plugin for our plans going forward, and optimised performance levels. Of course WooCommerce added some more bells and whistles too, but a lot of the changes are under the hood.

Important note: Version 1.4 of WooCommerce requires WordPress 3.3+, as well as updates to various WooCommerce extensions, shipping methods, and themes (for compatibility reasons). If you see an update available for your product please update accordingly, otherwise small modules of your shop might not work. As always, we also recommend you backup your site.

New Functionality

  • Support for multiple and stacked (compound) taxes
  • Multiple taxes shown in order total tables


Compound taxes can now be added and are worked out on the fly on checkout.

  • Option to re-order shipping methods
  • Category widget improvements – ‘order by option’ and an option to show current children only
  • Added local pickup and local delivery shipping methods (thanks Patrick Garman)
  • International shipping method (based on flat rate)
  • Locale options for country address formatting and checkout fields
  • Random products widget, thanks to Geert De Deckere

Front-end + Theming Optimizations

For designers and developers using WooCommerce you’ll find 1.4 specifically useful for a number of reasons:

  • Improved default theme
  • Moved many shortcodes (contents) to template files for easier customisation
  • Added a simple, basic method of adding woocommerce support to themes using a woocommerce.php file based on page.php containing woocommerce_content()
  • Coupon entry form on checkout (optional)
  • If there is limited stock, quantity input plus button won’t go higher
  • ‘Chosen’ selects for country/state select inputs (optional) – a great script for improving usability


UI improvements with select boxes.

Backend + Integration

  • Admin interface improvements


The product data has had a clean up and is now presented in neat tabs.

  • Piwik tracking – requires http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-piwik/
  • Option to ‘Delete all variations’
  • Tweaked visibility settings and made them more clear
  • Added address meta to users panel
  • Added address data to edit users screen
  • Enabled product custom fields panel

Geek stuff

If you choose to not read any of the below, read this – we’ve made many minor fixes and improvements.

More payment gateway extensions


Last, but certainly not least we have 2 more payment gateway extensions available as of today, with some big extensions in the pipeline nearly ready.


The MercadoPago gateway plugin allows to offer your clients any payment method supported by MercadoPago, including credit card, Pago Fácil / Rapipago and much more. MercadoPago is the payment gateway behind MercadoLibre, the largest e-commerce provider in Latin America.

Moneris Gateway

Moneris processes more than 3 billion credit and debit card transactions a year, for over 350,000 merchant locations across North America.

Moneris is primarily used by Canadian merchants looking to accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX through a wide variety of options.

I hope that you can get the best WooCommerce at the present for your work.

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