Thesis Theme Is The Best Search Engine Optimization

Thesis skin 2.0

Framework Theme is good for search engine optimization

Theme frameworks offer you the best  quality code from hand coding (some might argue, even better code) but you also get the added speed of not having to reinvent the wheel every time you develop a website. Thesis Theme is a best WordPress SEO and design flexibility theme forever; DIY Designs released Thesis Theme 2.0.1 with many features.

The Thesis Theme by DIY Designs is a flexible theme that is user friendly, even for your most novice user.  Free Thesis 2.0 boxes provides an option panel that enables you to make modifications on your own site without delving into the code. Than you can perhaps think of more options are offered by the settings panel. Thesis comes with a structure generator allowing you to create one column, two line, or three column layouts known as Thesis skins. Impressively simple and easy to examine, Thesis is both efficient and attractive for the eyes.

How much DYI sell Thesis Theme?

The Thesis theme will sell price $87 for one site or you can pay $164 to use Thesis on as several sites as you like. With the alternative to select different marketing special to each site, a greater return is a lot more probably. Thesis also provides features that you’re not likely to locate with other designs. One of them is the Multimedia box, offering rotating pictures or movies in posts. Google Analytics can be even added by you tracking without needing to screw with your code. Just a little research will demonstrate that the thought put into Thesis is worth the investment.

The Thesis 2.0 theme for WordPress allows users to really customize their websites in any manner they wish to. It provides complete freedom while eliminating the need to know any code. The various features offered by Thesis 2.0 makes it the ultimate WordPress theme for the realization of a site owner’s design dreams.

Thesis Framework and Genesis Framework ?

Both Genesis and Thesis boast a number of pro bloggers that are loyal to them, however in the past year or two I’ve noticed a number of WordPress celebrities move to the Genesis platform, while in the case of Thesis it was mostly the loyal bloggers who stayed with it.  When choosing a premium theme, a good indicator of its quality is the humber of high profile bloggers making use of it to optimization the blog on search engine.

The Thesis Theme by DIY Designs is a theme that is simple to use, even for your most novice user. Free Thesis 2.0 Skins offers an alternative panel that allows you to make changes on your own site without delving into the code. More options are offered by the settings panel than you may perhaps think about. Thesis includes a structure generator allowing you to create one column, two line, or three column layouts identified as Thesis skins. Impressively simple and easy to read, Thesis is both appealing and effective to the eyes.

Thesis Theme Search Engine Optimization

Thesis Theme Search Engine Optimization (demo Thesis 1.85)

The new Thesis 2.0 theme for WordPress, released on 1st October, 2012 is the much awaited update to the popular Thesis theme. This new version offers much more freedom and many more features to its users. This new system will change the way users design their WordPress sites and includes features that allow for completely original pages. Here are a introduce of thesis 2.0 regarding SEO the blog on search engine.

  • HTML Head Editor, where you can manage your site’s <head> output and do things like set your favicon, verify your site with Google and Bing webmaster tools, implement the Google+ rel author spec, and more

  • Tracking Scripts, which give you a handy way to integrate Google Analytics and other scripts that monitor site performance

  • 404 Page Selector, which allows you to select (and edit!) your site’s 404 page

  • Home Page SEO Controls that will help you optimize the most important page of your site

Thesis Theme Search Engine Optimization

Thesis Theme Search Engine Optimization (Demo Thesis 2.0)

Genesis Theme is one of best premium theme which you can get or we should say it is more of a framework with the child themes. It gives your site reduced loading speed, SEO option, good design, optimization and layout flexibility.  The Genesis Theme Framework is essentially a core WordPress theme that is highly optimized with state of the art code and smart design architecture. It has a mobile responsive design and also includes convenient inbuilt layout, design and SEO options. The theme has been fully search optimized, and the clean, efficient code ensures your website and its content will achieve the best possible rankings in the search engines. Genesis also follows all WordPress security best practices and is audited by the WordPress Lead Developer to ensure it has the best security possible.

The Genesis Framework provides us with secure and search engine optimization foundation for our websites. It comes built-in with features like multiple layouts, custom body post classes for each post, breadcrumbs, numeric navigation and tons of other cool features. When purchasing Genesis, we made one of the best decisions ever. We decided to purchase the Pro-Plus package, which came with all existing Genesis child themes along with a lifetime membership that guaranteed us any future child theme that they create along with superb support.

Here are some feature of Thesis 2.0, it will help you make a decision to choose the best theme for optizimating on search engine. You can  look for information read more in thesis home page.