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On September 27, 2012
Last modified:October 12, 2012


Thesis 2.0 is expected to have great features, check them here. Get Thesis 2.0 now and save $33 on developer license.

On Octorber 1st, 2012 DIYThemes shall release Thesis 2.0. This is a best new for the blogger over the world. Take Developer version with cheap prices for limiting. Internet Marketing Products is going to buy and check it.

There are somethings that you’ll find in every GREAT web design on Thesis 2.0

1. Pixel-perfect typography (that’s both easy to read AND scan)

2. A custom 404 error page (so people who can’t find what they’re looking for can find it)

3. Landing pages that CONVERT (Like Profits Theme and Premise)

4. Auto Updates – Till now, its pain to update Thesis Theme whenever a update is released. From Thesis 2.0 auto-updates will be available, like in Genesis Theme which will help to update theme in a fly.

5. Revamped Options Panel – The present options panel is really dull and lacks some features. The options panel will be completely revamped in Thesis 2.0. This also includes changes in CSS and style too.


6. Tim Thumb to be replaced – Thesis use a third party script named “TimThumb” to re-size images or to create thumbnails easily. But due to a security vulnerability, it will be replaced by default WordPress options.

7. Built-in Functions – It is very difficult to install and maintain many plugins, that too for simple functionality. Thesis 2.0 will have an in-bulit contact form, social share buttons, some other widgets etc.

8. Improved User Experience – The demo or the basic thesis is really a bare-bones theme without any colors or different layouts. Thesis 2.0 will be great and users can customize it with less coding.

How Thesis 2.0 Makes Creating Landing Pages (or Page-Specific Web Designs) Real Easy

As you begin to grow your blog, you’ll want to start using landing pages. You may also want to customize how other pages on your site look (like category pages, tags pages, home pages, and all of that).

Thesis 2.0 release date is officially announced now. Here are some upcoming features of Thesis 2.0, which will be soon available for download. Its been quite long after DIYThemes  released stable version of Thesis (1.8) , hence everyone is looking forward for the “Ultimate Version” Thesis 2.0

Thesis Theme is Responsive now and the latest version Thesis 1.8.5 download is fully compatible with WordPress 3.4. The upcoming release Thesis 2.0 is expected to have great features, check them here. Get Thesis 2.0 now and save $33 on developer license.

Here is the information from blog of DYI Theme:

“If you’re already a Thesis customer and own the Developer’s Option, you don’t need to do anything. When we switch our pricing structure, you’ll be grandfathered into the maximum benefits package.

If you currently own a Thesis Personal option, you’ll still get Thesis 2.0 for free. However, if you wish to get the maximum benefits package for Thesis 2, you’ll need to upgrade to a Developer’s Option before we change our pricing structure.

Right now, the cost to upgrade is only $77; after we change our structure, this cost is going to rise. Therefore, if you want the maximum Thesis 2 benefits at the lowest possible price, you should upgrade to a Developer’s Option as soon as possible.”


Take action right now to check out Thesis 2.0 with the best price right now. Amazing on October 1st, 2012.



Thesis 2.0 is expected to have great features, check them here. Get Thesis 2.0 now and save $33 on developer license.