Thesis 1.8.3 theme is a new version upgrade

Thesis 1.8.3 is a new version upgrade which attracted more blogger over the world. Thesis is more than just a WordPress – it is a community of wonderful people.

Thesis 1.8.3 is a new version has more newly upgraded specially. Now we will discover it:

1. Thesis Now Loads Faster Than Ever

Now that Google uses site speed as one of the factors in their algorithm, you need a fast-loading website for the best possible chance of ranking higher in search engines.

With  smarter CSS controls that improve your site’s speed, efficiency, and out-of-the-box score on tools like ySlow and Google PageSpeed, the industry standards for web performance.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Thesis 1.8.3 makes 2 http requests for stylesheets instead of 3 (style.css and layout.css have been combined into one for efficiency). Less http requests means faster load times.
  • If you’re a performance fanatic like me, you can reduce this to a single http request by visiting Site Options → Stylesheet Options and un-checking “Use Design Mode.” This will combine ALL your stylesheets, including custom.css, into one CSS file.

thesis 1.8.3

2. Thesis Now Supports WP Network

WP Network (formerly known as multi-site) support. Thesis 1.8.3 detects if you’re using WP Network, and it responds by creating /custom folders for each active blog.

Other theme “frameworks” support WP Network functionality, but there’s a problem with their implementations because they use child themes (Thesis does not).

Basically, if two active blogs are using the same child theme, any changes to that child theme will affect both blogs. This means that if one blog wanted a blue background and another one wanted a pink background, this would not be possible—not cool!

Every site on a WP Network should be able to operate independently of all others, and Thesis is the first framework to make this possible.

3. Complete GravityForms CSS Support

The last new goodie in Thesis 1.8.3 is enhanced GravityForms CSS support. If you’re using GravityForms (our favorite premium form plugin), Thesis will detect this and add the necessary CSS to your stylesheets without you having to lift a finger!

4. Uploading a Header Image Just Got Easier

With WordPress drag-and-drop image uploader into the Thesis header image and favicon uploaders. Easy just got easier to Uploading a Header Image.

5. Other more…

In addition to the new features listed above, Thesis also made some minor tweaks to enhance performance, including:

  • Thesis admin scripts are now suppressed on all non-Thesis admin pages.
  • Thesis 1.8.3 upgraded widget code for tighter integration with WordPress, and while and added new display options to the Thesis search widget.

Download Thesis 1.8.3 Now: If you already own Thesis, click here to download Thesis 1.8.3. If you’re not yet a customer, click here to buy Thesis.

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