SEO 2013 & Beyond: Change Your SEO MeThod To Be Successful

Dr. Andy Williams

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On March 3, 2013
Last modified:July 28, 2013


SEO 2013 & Beyond has updated for Penguin. It's a must have book for those who work with internet marketing and plan to develop a SEO plan.

SEO 2013 And Beyond is the product of, it was written by Dr. Andy Williams. This e-book will help you how to be successful on change of Google in order to get high-ranking on google.

Google made massive adjustments in 2012, but even more significant changes in 2013. Strategies taught as best principles in early 2012 are now considered “black hat” or just plain risky in 2013. SEO 2013 & Beyond will show you your skill and that which you cannot.

On February 11th, 2011, Google dropped a bombshell on the SEO community when they launched the Panda update. Panda was created to remove low quality content from Google results pages. The surprise to a lot of was several of the big name casualties that were taken out by the update.

On 24th April 2012, Google went in for the kill when they released the Penguin update. If Google’s Panda was a one on the Richter scale of updates, Penguin was surely a 10. It completely changed the way we have to think about SEO.

On September 28th 2012, Google released a new algorithm update targeting exact match domains (EMDs). He had updated this book to tell you the consequences of owning EMDs and added my own advice on choosing domains. While I have not been a huge fan of exact match domains anyway, a number of otherSEO books and courses teach you to have them. I’ll tell you why I do believe those other courses and books are wrong.

The EMD update was sandwiched in between another Panda update (on the 27th September) and another Penguin update (5th October).

Whereas Panda appears to penalize poor content, Penguin is more concerned about overly aggressive SEO tactics. Stuff that SEO had been doing for a long time, not just didn’t work any longer, but now can certainly cause your website to be penalized and drop out from the rankings. That’s right, almost everything you have been taught about Search engine marketing during the last 10 years can be thrown out the Window. Google have moved the goal posts.


There are some review about the SEO 2013 & Beyond e-book as follows:

I almost gave this short book 5 stars but, to be honest, I think SEO 2013 & Beyond would need to be longer. As it is, I think it’s really a booklet.

However, it is quite succinctly written. It packs real content into few words. So calling it a mere booklet certainly does not mean that it has too little to say. Far from it. Andy provides several practical suggestions, seo tips and even some links or referrals to useful tools and websites.

The book explains why many webmaster who have either deliberately chosen or allowed themselves to be led to produce junk websites are finally being dropped from Google’s favor. Finally, it seems, SEO is starting to align better with producing quality content. Andy makes it pretty clear that it is wise to listen to Google and produce content that people actually want or need.  (Reviewed by  Peter)

SEO 2013 & Beyond is great book, easy to read and easy to will make you a pro in two weeks! bla bla bla (Reviewed by shalter)

Very thorough description of the current state of SEO. Lots of solid advice and very useful links throughout to find more help on all the topics. A quick-read, but packed with useful info (Reviewed by Cynthia Loyd)

Great book for middle-level SEOs. If you are a specialist already, it won’t be anything new but at least you’ll get a reminder of Google spam team’s existence which is something most SEOs need to have every once in a while. If you are a newbie, this book is a good starting point on which to build the foundation of sound SEO principles. Overall, was definitely worth a read (Reviewed by Yev85)


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SEO 2013 & Beyond has updated for Penguin. It's a must have book for those who work with internet marketing and plan to develop a SEO plan.