How To Promote A Clickbank Affiliate Program With Pay Per Click

How To Promote A Clickbank Affiliate Program With Pay Per Click ?

PPC is possibly the most efficient means to advertise a Clickbank affiliate program possible. Sure, some individuals earn money writing posts. Sure, some people make cash from SEO. However, by and huge the affiliates that really generate income with Clickbank do it with pay per click. What are the tricks to success? Continue reading to discover out.

Select a High Converting, High Paying Product

Choose a product that has at least 20 points in its Gravity score. Do not check brand-new products, particularly when you’re spending money on traffic.

A lot of people hesitate of promoting items that are “over filled.” The reality is that you can get into markets even if they’re “saturated.”.

However, as a novice beginning in the 20– 50 Gravity array is an excellent place to begin. Stay clear of the 150+ Gravity till you get more familiar with PPC.

Find a Product

Attempting to bid on terms like “fat burning” is monetary suicide. Nevertheless, exactly what about bidding on “Treadmills” or “Idea for Running?”.

The idea is to attempt and discover keywords which you can get on the first page for at under $0. 20 cents a click. In less competitive markets, you’ll be able to get lots of quality traffic through primary keywords. Unfortunately, in more competitive markets you’ll need to get imaginative.

Come up with various angles to come at it from. Look for individuals who’re looking for the exact same thing your product provides, but will likely type in a different keyword.

Meticulous Monitoring

One little recognized key in PPC affiliate advertising is that practically all winning campaigns begin out as losing campaigns. If you invest $100 and make back only $60, that’s in fact a winner.

From there, you enhance your advertisements and landing pages to continually enhance your CTR and conversion rates. It may cost you $300 in the start, however after your preliminary testing you’ll have a campaign that can make you hundreds of dollars a month on total auto-pilot.

Every very affiliate tests their projects diligently. Track everything on a keyword by keyword level. Use just one keyword per advertisement team. Compose a distinct ad for every keyword.

Different PPC Networks

The first location to start your testing is Google AdWords. Begin your testing with Google Only. That means no content network and no partner networks.

See exactly how your traffic converts on Google just. Then if you’re lucrative, broaden to the partner network.

From there, mirror your campaigns over to Yahoo! Search Marketing and MSM Ad Center.

Only as soon as you have actually set up these campaigns ought to you experiment with the content network. Material network comes last, because the quality traffic is least targeted and has the tendency to change the worst.


If you choose a product with a pretty good conversion rate and an excellent payout, also find distinct angles to promote it from, thoroughly track and test beginning with AdWords expanding out, then chances are you have an extremely strong chance at building a fantastic PCC campaign.

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