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On October 14, 2012
Last modified:May 4, 2013


Get 500% More Email Subscribers: Right Now. More than 15,000 astonished customers have maximised their list growth by 500% overnight.

One of the easiest ways to get more subscribers is by offering website visitors a free gift in exchange for their contact information. There are many tools help you increase list email in short time. Popup Domination 3.0 will take this case “More than 15,000 astonished customers have maximized their list growth by 500% overnight” . Today Internet Marketing Products will show to you some feature of Popup Domination 3.0.

            So, what is PopUp Domination 3.0?

            It is a WordPress plugin for list building that creates a PopUp window for your blog to capture email leads. As online marketers constantly repeat the mantra “the money is in the list,” this plugin’s integration of an opt-in box is designed to increase your blog site’s visitors subscription rate, and keeps to the beat of that famous mantra. Popup Domination 3.0 is compatible with most email autoresponder providers including: AWeber, GetResponse, iContact, MailChimp, and Constant Contact.

            The PopUp generated by the plugin is not a standard PopUp window but rather a lightbox that opens inside the website window, and thus, it is technically not a popup. When the lightbox PopUp appears after a user-configured delay (e.g., 8 seconds), it will freeze the page your visitor is on, and display the opt-in form while the website is slightly darkened but visible. This focuses the visitor’s entire attention to the opt-in box while the other visual stimulus is suppressed. And, moreover, there is no risk of the PopUp being blocked by PopUp blockers.

            PopUp Domination 3.0 is easily customizable and comes with 4 professionally designed themes, 15 different color combinations, and 8 button styles. Popup Domination also has the capability to provide 4 list points (check boxes) to highlight your product or offer, and thus provides a simple and easy process to create an ad copy by simply filling in the blanks.

Here is some skin of Popup Domination 3.0


Popup domination 2.0

Popup domination 2.0

Popup domination 2.0

Popup Domination 3.0 is an internet marketing tool that allows you to place a popup lightbox opt in form on your website or blog. Popup light boxes are generally regarded as more effective at capturing visitor information than a static opt in form. You may be asking yourself why and that’s a great question.

In advertising or internet marketing it’s all about creating interference. You want to get your visitor to stop and look at something specific and take action. This method of interference is really really effective.

Here’s a good rule of thumb when it comes to internet marketing, if no one else is doing it, it’s probably not worth doing although exceptions do apply. In internet marketing the popup optin form is used in abundance. There are many popup optin forms to pick from so here’s what Popup Domination 3.0 has to offer.

Here is some feature of Popup Domination 3.0:


Beautiful PopUp Design: The heart of PopUp Domination lies within our range of beautifully designed PopUps that are optimised for the highest opt-in & conversion rates.

Page Level Targeting: Target specific pages, and categories for your PopUps to appear. It’ll help you build hyper-targeted lists of people who want what you have.

Complete Customisation: Completely customise the content and look and feel of each PopUp you create. You can choose from a ton of colours, change text and even upload cover images.

Analytics: See which pages and PopUps are yielding the best results to help influence your future thinking about offers, and content on your website.

PopUp Domination is the best tool for marketer build a massive mail list. Read more about Popup Domination 3.0 or Check out Popup Domination 3.0 right now and save your time when you make a business online.

Updated: Today PopUp Domination is available as a special limited time offer at over 65%+ off the regular pricing.

Chris Guthrie told me its going on sale today at a HUGE discount, I wanted to let you know. 

Here’s some details on What You’ll Get With PopUp Domination: 
– Beautiful pop ups designed for opt ins and conversion rates 
– Advanced targeting (target specific pages / categories) 
– Completely customize the content, look and feel of each pop up 
– A/B testing (test which form converts best) 
– Complete Analytics suite helps you determine where you convert best 
– Works with all major mailing list providers and custom form scripts 
– WordPress and Standalone versions available

Check out Popup Domination 3.0 right now !

Get 500% More Email Subscribers: Right Now. More than 15,000 astonished customers have maximised their list growth by 500% overnight.
  • Hey Ngan, Personally I hate pop-ups because I think It annoys readers, even I’ve written a blog post about it (my own opinion. But I do think that the plugins like Pop-up domination helped a lot of blogger to customize the pop-up and increase the number of subscribers.

    This is a great review which I would love to share.

    BTW, Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  • Thank Ehsan Ullah, I think Poup Domination is very importance for bloggers. We need more subscriber to promote the product, the more subscriber you have, the more money you get. :$