Monthly Blogging Income Report in March 2015: I Earned $1,226.07

After posting blogging income report roundup in March 2015, this article will  share you my blogging income report in March.

monthly blogging income report

As usual, each month I write up a detailed report about how I start blogging and the result what I got for all my audience.

What happened in March?

I spent all time in March in the office; therefore, I delay to post the new article on

Last month I tried to learn how to improve CRO for my niche site, it help me increased  the blogging earning.

Content …Content !

The content is an importance part of making money blogging. I must design and post the new article for the old niche site. Therefore, I outsource the content from TextBroker and Hiwriters, I  receive quickly the content as expected.


Each month, I paid the fee for blogging tools which I used to make money blogging. There are several blogging tools that I used from time to time; it depend on what my goal.

Last month, I renewed all expired domain in Godaddy and Namecheap for the niche site or authority site :).

Easyazon, a plugin assists bloggers or marketers make money online with Amazon Affiliate. After check out Easyazon 3.9, it required to updated to Easyazon 4.0 with a little fee.

The remaining fee shall be the proxy fee which I paid for Proxy Hub, it is necessary to use for GSA Search Engine Ranker, Traffic Travis, and BuzzBundle.

Here are the blogging tools I paid in March.

Total expense: $196

Affiliate Earning


Total Earning: $1,226.07

Net Profits: $1.029.27


There are several difficulties in March, but I also increased my blogging income. However, it is not high as my expected. I hope that I will be successful in the next month.