Make Money Affiliate Marketing Without Website

Affiliate marketing is a method of promoting web based business in which an affiliate is awarded for every visitor, subscriber, customer, and or sale provided through his/her efforts.  It is a modern variation of the practice of paying a finders fee for the introduction of new clients to a business.  Compensation may be made based on a certain value for each visitor (pay per click), registrant (pay per lead), or commission for each customer or sale (pay per sale) or any combination thereof.

Make Money Affiliate Marketing Without Website

That is the definition of affiliate marketing. To break it down its just putting a website together reviewing a specific product that you are interested in selling. After putting a website together you’ll have to sign up for a good affiliate program with a company that sells the product that you are interested in.(I will show you how to find good affiliate programs later in this section).

Then write a good review of the product and put your affiliate links on your website to refer your visitors to the business you are affiliated with that sells the product you are reviewing .In return the company that you refer business to will pay you a commission on each sale that is made by a customer coming from your site.

This way you don’t have to actually deal with any merchandise or customers, you just send them to your affiliate’s website and they take care of everything then send you a check in the mail every two weeks.

The company you are affiliated with can track where the customer came from because you will have a unique affiliate code and every time a visitor comes from your site to their site and buys something they can track the affiliate code back to you, that way they know to pay you commission for that sale.


For example:

Say you were interested in selling cell phones and you put together a website all about the newest hottest cell phones on the market. Because you have pages on your website dedicated to reviewing the hottest newest cell phones available you would want to find a good company to affiliate with that sells all the phones you are talking about on your site.

After finding a good company you would want to put links on your website directing your visitors to your Affiliates website. Say a visitor comes to your site and reads your review for one of the newest phones on the market. After reading your review he/she decides to buy the product. The visitor would then click on your affiliate link which would direct them to the business that you are affiliate with that actually sells the product.

You would then be paid a commission for that visitor as long as the sale was made. You do nothing but bring people to your website show them a review of a product and then send them to the website that they can actually buy the product from. The website you are affiliated with then sells the customer the product and pays you a commission for the sale.  IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

Make money affiliate marketing without website now you know how affiliate websites work. You know how to make money affiliating with different companies on line. Now let’s talk about how to find good companies to affiliate with.

Some companies have their own in house affiliate programs while others choose to have their affiliate programs run by major affiliate networks. I highly recommend going through an affiliate network for 2 reasons.

1.  It is easy to find the top paying affiliate programs in the field of your choice. This means you will make more money per referred sale.

2. You can compare tons of programs in one location. You can compare them by EPC (earnings per click). You can also compare them by $ earned per sale and go with the programs that offer the most amount. You can compare them by their refund rates and avoid programs with high refund rates, and you can compare them by % referred and try to avoid the companies that do not have a high referred percentage.

In my opinion the best affiliate networks to use are:

–         Clickbank

–         Commission junction

–         Befree

–         Linkshare

–         Performics

–         Websponsors

–         Sharesale

–         Clixxchange

–         Clixgalore

–         Fineclickes

–         Fastclick

–         Affiliatefuel

–         Darkblue

Internet Marketing Products put clickbank as my #1 because it is entirely dedicated to digital products (products that are available by download). This is good because as soon as a customer buys anything from any of the sites that are on the clickbank network the product is delivered immediately via email.

Internet Marketing Products also think that click bank is the best because Internet Marketing Products believe that selling informational products on line is the best, fastest, easiest way to get rich using the internet. I have made a lot of money selling informational products online and although I have made quite a bit of money selling physical products as well, selling information is by far the easiest and most efficient.


If you would rather sell physical products I believe commission junction is the best affiliate network for you. Commission junction is the top affiliate network for companies who sell physical products online. Some of the largest internet businesses in the world have their affiliate programs here. The other 11 affiliate networks are good as well. Internet Marketing Products would take the time to look at all of them and decide for your self which is the best for you.

Now that you know what affiliate marketing is and how it will make you money let’s start putting things together. In the following section I am going to show you how to put an affiliate site together and show you the strategies make money affiliate marketing without website.