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Jack Duncan

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On June 10, 2013
Last modified:July 27, 2013


Keyword Map Pro will show you exactly what Google thinks about relevance for your top converting keywords so you can make more money.

The Keyword Map Pro is a good keyword research tool which created by Jack Duncan.

When you start writing a post for public on your blog or reviewing the product you must research the keyword.
Keyword research is a practice used by search engine optimization professionals to find and research actual search terms people enter into the results.

What is the keyword ?

Keyword means that A keyword may refer to: Keyword (linguistics) Keyword (computer programming) keyword (cryptography) Index term , a term used as a keyword to optimize internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords .

There are a lot of tools help you choose the best keyword for getting high ranking on Google.  Keyword Map Pro is the best tools help you research the related keyword for your niche. The more keyword at the top of search engine, the traffic is you can get.

Why do you choose Keyword Map Pro for researching the keyword ?

1. Keyword Map Pro shows you what Google REALLY wants…

2. You give Google exactly what they want…

3. You rank right at the top…

4. You get all that high converting traffic…

5. You make more money…

6. Then wash, rinse, and repeat! 🙂

The Keyword Map Pro will show you exactly what Google thinks about relevance for your top converting keywords so you can make more money.

You’ll see how easy to research keyword by Keyword Map Pro

Keyword Map Pro can help you rank for all of your money making keywords.

  • Super Fast — Mapping interface allows you to get a super quick view of all relevant keywords so you can rank faster…
  • Easy, TreeCSV™ Exporting — Allows you to export your maps into .Csv format, but still retains the map structure. HOT!
  • Human Emulation Support — Keeps Google happy. Need we say more. 🙂
  • VisualView™ — Keywords are seen visually, so you can easily understand the relationships (Think of the WonderWheel™ on steroids)
  • Powerful TreeGraph — The TreeGraph format is the best view so you can drill an unlimited number of levels deep, yet still see exactly how the keywords are related…
  • Powerful, Flexible Graphing — See exactly what you need to see. Includes Zooming, Centering, 1:1, and Fill features…
  • Find Better Keywords — You can dig deeper (unlimited levels) and spot opportunities in the Tree View…Even copy all keywords into your clipboard to use in any other research program you want…
  • SEO Power — See your pages finally rank at the top when you give Google exactly what they want to see…
  • Windows Software — Works on XP, Vista, and 7 (Mac Emulator tested too!)
  • Built-in Browser — Perform research and lookup keywords right inside the program…

How to use Keyword Map Pro?

Step 1: Open the Keyword Map Pro and type the suggestion keyword for searching.


Step 2: Buid a map of keyword or related keyword for your niches


Step 3:  Choose the map of keyword ( the best keyword for your niche) and extract all to csv file.



I would like to share you the tips how to use Keyword Map Pro to research the keyword. Please see the video below , it is easy to find the best keyword for your niche articles.


Which profitable when you using the Keyword Map Pro ?

  • Boost rankings virtually overnight (even rank new sites #1)…
  • Create high traffic, money making websites faster…
  • Turn those websites into steady rivers of ongoing income year after year…
  • Finally rank #1 and create passive wealth from high converting keywords (SEO, PPC, etc.)…
  • Systematically and consistently beat competitors for the most profitable clicks — becoming an SEO professional respected and feared by your competitors…
  • Do what you love — stop being frustrated by your rankings and finally relax with family and friends, laugh, play, travel, and enjoy life to the fullest.


Keyword Map Pro will show you exactly what Google thinks about relevance for your top converting keywords so you can make more money.
  • Hey man,

    With the power of this tool, do you think it would work for local business ranking? There isn’t a whole lot of keywords to work with in the local marketing industry.

    Any thoughts?