How to make money on Squidoo

Today, Internet Marketing Products guiding to you the method earn money online powerfully and easily. That’s make money online on Squidoo. Some of post on Internet Marketing Products help you make money successfully on Squidoo.

Squidoo is a place where you can build mini sites for free. These mini sites are calle “lenses”. Creating Squidoo Lenses is a great way to make an Automated Income Online. This is because it is so easy to create a Squidoo Lens, and you can get Search Engine Traffic in just a few days!

Why do you use Squidoo?

I made my first Squidoo lens (lens = a page on Squidoo) like three years ago. Less than a week later I was #1 out of 144,000 result for the search term I was targeting on my Squidoo lens.

No Pings, No Link Bait, No Comment Spamming… All I had to do was creating and publish my Squidoo lens. It was just that simple. Trust me, you will be just as shocked as I was when I discovered this simple way to make money. So……

Get yourself over to  and make a lens or two. Google Loves Squidoo I guess what I am saying is:

«Always remember to think about how you are going to profit from your lens, before you create it.»

Using Squidoo there is a ton of different ways to make money:

• Amazon Modules

When creating a lens, you will be able to add different kinds of modules. One of them is an Amazon Module. Here you can type in a search term related to your Keyword. And Amazon products related to that keyword will be shown on your lens. Another option is to find Amazon products yourself. All you have to do is search for products, and add them to your module.


Here you can see some Amazon Sales from one of my lenses:

• eBay Modules

Same as the Amazon Module. Here you can show eBay products. If you like, you

can write your own reviews and show them in your ads.

Become an affiliate and earn commissions when you get a sale. You can create a lens where you review a product, or just promote it in some way. You then link to the site you are promoting, using your affiliate link.

Here are some great Affiliate Networks:

Squidoo, Now this is where you will make the most of your money! Squidoo actually pays you for creating lenses and getting traffic to them. Using your lenses «Lens Rank» and a «Tier System».

Tier 1: Top 2,000 Lenses

Tier 2: 2,001 – 10,000

Tier 3: 10,001 – 85,000

Every month, all of your lenses (providing your lens ranks lower than 85,000) will get a share of the Ad pool, In-Text Ads and Chitika.

«The pool changes from month to month, depending on the total visits to But it has pretty much only been going higher and higher since 2010.»

Now you should know what Squidoo is and the different ways you can use it to make money. But how do you create a lens? And make it get tons of Search Engine Traffic?

Be continuous this series Create free with website Squidoo lenses