How To Make A Mailing List for Marketing Affiliate

Make a mail list is necessary helping you make a lot of money through affiliate marketing. However to get more email from subscriber, you will lost a lot of time if you do not have any strategy.


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Today I will tell to you how to make the list mail effectively. Here are the 3 “tips” for list-building very targeted lists:

Tip 1: Piggy-backing off high-ticket launches.

Example: product launches formula. Check out my site where I did exactly this. I used to have a squeeze-box on the right hand side, at the moment you’ll see a promotion for Jason Fladlien’s “mini PLF”. Why does this work so beautifully?
Because people who are searching for these high-ticket items are potentially willing to spend $500 for a product. Now is that a client you’d like to have on your list?
Instead of promoting Jason’s product, I should really have my own product up there, and the only reason I don’t is because I got fired by Jeff Walker as an affiliate.
Reason: between his promotions I was building my list of PLF-interested prospects, but I dare to suggest to them to check out Jason Fladlien’s product.
Anyway, that’s tactic 1. Just make sure you get on jv notify pro so you’re up to date on what coming up, then set up some targeted pages/sites with a handful of backlinks and start collecting leads that are willing to spend A LOT of money!

Tip 2: Use the power of PDF.

I found this a couple of years ago when researching a little Google hack. Turns out that Google LOVES PDFs. Somehow there’s still this “PDF=high quality/academic” content belief around.
So, take any decent quality content you have, create a PDF (make sure all the meta-tags are set correcty) and submit to sites like:

Then all you do is send people to a squeeze page at the end and you’ve got yourself some seriously targeted prospects.

Tip 3: For the social creatures amongst us.

This tactic requires some Facebook or Twitter activity on your part, so I’m only recommending it if you’re using either of those anyway. Now, sending people straight to a squeeze page is just a big NO-NO on the platforms, because it’s, well, all about “social” interaction.
But, if you send people to a youtube video that then sends them to a squeeze page, who’s to argue with that?
Or, if you send them to one of your posts on the WarriorForum where you give some great content … and then have an irresistible offer (squeeze) in your signature, well, that’s perfectly ok, right?.

Tip 4: Use plugin Premium List Magnet to collect a lot of email from subscribe.

Premium List Magnet is created and developed by Get Profits Fast, a company that provides tools and resources for online entrepreneurs and internet marketers. You can see the demo working of Premium List Magnet below:


Inclusion, by three tips above you can get more email for your working. I hope you success.

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