How To Install Genesis Framework Theme

Today Studio Press (Copyblogger Media LLC) has released the new website help the customer set up Genesis Framework.

How to Install the Genesis Framework for WordPress? What is the theme of Genesis?  How to install genesis theme? How to customize genesis theme? These are almost question of the bloggers who are newbie want to set up Genesis Framework on their hosting.

Therefore, for supporting the blogger community relating Genesis tutorial, webpage has published. The Webpage shall show to see firsthand how easy it is to install the Genesis Framework, as well as your first child theme. A beautiful website that works for you is only minutes away.

Genesis Show

At the present Internet Marketing Products see more topics in webpage related to set up and use Genesis:

–   A Guided Tour of the Genesis Framework for WordPress Theme Settings:

One of the amazing benefits of using the Genesis Framework is the ease with which anybody can change and customize core aspects of their site (layout, navigation, etc.) in just moments. This tutorial takes you through those Genesis Theme Settings.

–  How to Backup (and Reinstall) Your Genesis Framework for WordPress Theme Settings:

Got your theme looking exactly how you want it? Good, let’s keep it that way by showing you how to back up your theme (and SEO) settings, and how to set them up again on a new or existing Genesis-built site.

–  Create a Custom Homepage with the Genesis Framework for WordPress:

Sometimes you want — or need — a different kind of homepage for your site. With Genesis, you can choose between two general types of custom homepage structure, and then easily go to work making it all yours…

This website shall display to user step by step setting and using Genesis Framework. In the next time, it will updated more and more, the newbie can free update and learn more tutorial of Genesis Framework.

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