How To Find Successful Blogging Tips

You are writing a blog and looking for these tips help you become famous blogger. How To Find Successful Blogging Tips ?

Blogging is now the most famous way to promote you and your business among the wider internet audience. Thousands of blogs are created daily for different purposes, some for earning the bucks and others for serving the world.

Blog of the day once again

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A successful blogger is one who is familiar with every aspect of blogging and know how to blog to get better rankings in search engines and have the ability to beat his/her competitors.


Once you see where you need to improve you can improve. You can hire an accountability partner or simply learn from the best and most successful blogs in your niche. Monetizing your blog becomes simple if you follow the advice of authority bloggers


Here is some tips help you get manage your blog

  • Connect with your readers through an about page and welcome message.
  • Don’t get seen naked: Never launch a blog with fewer than 5 posts.
  • Make sure a link to your RSS feed is available above the fold
  • Make RSS easier still: Add subscribe links to the most popular newsreaders.
  • Offer an email version of your RSS feed
  • Leave highly valuable comments on other blogs in your niche
  • Enjoy what you’re doing.
  • Let people write guest post for your blog.
  • The last success tip for your blog is focus.

You need to keep your focus in developing your blog until it becomes popular and successful.

Do you know Darren Rowse, he is a famous blogger, founder

31 Days to Build A Better Blog is a name a ebook of Darren Rowse help you build a better blog

  • Intense Training – set aside weekends or weeks to go through multiple tasks at once.
  • 1 Task a Day – the way we designed it – one day at a time.
  • 1 Task a Week – take your time with the challenge and tackle one task a week.
  • Monthly Tasks – build the tasks into your monthly routine.
  • Occasional Inspiration –dip into 31DBBB on a more occasional basis – using it on days when you have time or need inspiration.
  • Gather a group – find a group of like minded bloggers and take the challenge at the same time.


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