How To Choose The Best Plugin For WordPress


WordPress is a CMS help the blogger build a blog easily. To optimize a blog run on WordPress, we must use the plug-in to help add more function for the blog.

There are many plug-in you can choose to set up for your blog. Depend on your target you can set up other plug-in to help improve you blog.

Today Internet Marketing Products will show to you how to get the big list of plugin help you improve your blog.

1. Plugin for membership pages.

 2. Plugin for affiliate network

3. Plugin for SEO:

4. Plugin For Looking The Keyword

 5. Plugin Auto Public on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ & RSS

 6. Plugin for WP MU

 7. Plugin For Email Marketing, Make Opt-in

 8. Plugin for Optimize the Blog


9. Plugin For Poll

10. Plugin For Statistics

11. Plugin for Protect the Blog

12. Plugin For Increasing the Comment

13. Plugin For Making The Form

14. Plugin For Marking A Gallery, Sliders

15. Plugin For Building Shop Online

16. Plugin For Supporting Social Network

17. Plugin For Maintenance

18. Plugin For Responsive Mobile, Tablet

19. Plugin For Managing The Blog

20. Plugin For Advertising on The Blog

21. Other Plugins

Thank you for watching the list above, I hope that it will help you more and more for your business.