How to build traffic to your squidoo lens review

Be countinous the series “Be continuous the series subject “How to make money online with Squidoo” Today Internet Marketing Products will help you do a step make money online with Squidoo.

After creating  free with website Squidoo lenses, Create Squidoo lenses for products review in Amazon

After Publishing You Lens, how to build traffic to your website or squidoo lens?

I get the opportunity to ping my lens in one click, just after I published my lens. This is because I use the SquidUtils Toobar for Firefox. This Toolbar is a great tool for your Squidoo Lenses, you get extra stats and they show you which tags that are good, and as you see, you can easily ping your lens.

Now I also use other ping services as well:

Another important step, is to Social Bookmark your site:

Add your lens to Search Engines:

Get some easy Backlinks Using Signatures at:

Some Squidoo Lenses to get you going:

  • How To Get Traffic To Your Squidoo Lens
  • Squidoo Lens Rank 1 In Google
  • More Squidoo Traffic
  • Squidoo SEO

•I add my lens to 10+ Social book marketing sites, use around 5+ Ping Services and add it to the 4 search engine links above.

•Then I make a couple of «Products Review» YouTube videos. You don’t have to do this, but if you know your way around making a video, then that’s great. Just add the video to your lens using a “Video Module”.


You now have a live Squidoo Lens waiting for Highly Targeted Search Engine Traffic. Your lens will be rated the day after its published, and lens rank changes every day. Then the average lens rank of your lens gets calculated each month, if your lens is in one of the tiers, you will get paid.

Creating a Traffic Lens

A traffic lens, is a lens where you find a keyword in a «little competition niche». A niche where other internet marketers don’t know how to make money on the traffic, or simply can’t find the keyword.

But as long as you know how to create a lens, and get traffic to it, you will make money. Because Squidoo pays you for it.


When Facebook Timeline was launched, a bunch of people searched Google for «Facebook Cover Photo Ideas» and variations of that keyword.

Anyway, 3 months before Timeline was released, you could get it, using a little «trick». I got it, and looked around for possible «future keywords». And when I saw the Cover Photo, I knew this was going to become a hot topic in 3 months time. So I created Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Ideas. And the day Facebook launched

Timeline for everyone, I got 8K visitors to my lens. Since that, I have had a steady 500- 900 visitors to my Lens every day. And because of that, my lens rank is below 1000 and I can easily make Tier 1.

In addition to that, I link to a site where people have to complete a CPA offer to Download the «Cover Photo Templates». I usually use UploadPay, they rock. Just think outside the box, there is a million different ways to make a steady income creating Squidoo Lenses.

Great Tools:

  • Squidu Forum
  • Squidoo Lensmaster Blogs
  • Squidaholic
  • Tag Check
  • Health Check

You can see that it is not difficult to make a Squidoo lens, and after you have made one you can continue to build your Squidoo empire. Having one Squidoo lens will not make you a millionaire; this is a rinse and repeat business. Keep on building and you will learn the skills you need to make a steady income online.

Think of it this way, if you build a Squidoo lens, just like the one I showed you here, every day, at the end of the year you would have 365 lenses. They might not all bring you in hundreds of dollars every day, but even if some are bringing you in hundreds, and some are bringing you in tens, and some are just bringing you in a couple of dollars, when they are added together they will make you an income online that you can enjoy for a long time to come.

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