Google Rolling Out First Panda in 2013 – Change Your SEO Plan

Google Panda
According to Wikipedia Google Panda is a change to Google ‘s search results ranking algorithm that was on January 22, 2013, affecting about 1.2% of English queries” The head of Spam Office, Matt Cutts has announced that Google will updated Google Panda and Penguin in 2013 for targeting the need of customer and quality of search result.

Updated importance of Penguin

Penguin released officially on April 2012 and it has updated on May 2012 and the last updated on October 2012.

Matt Cutts announced that there was important change in 2013. The staff of Google tries to best their effort to updated Panda and Penguin on time. That change will improve the quality of search engine result and quality of users.

Panda will run updated on Friday or Monday

On Matt Cutts’s blog, Mattcults announced that Google Panda and Penguin will updated on Friday (15-March-2013) or Monday (18-March-2013. All webmasters, bloggers, SEOers are waiting the Panda’s updated.

 Google Rolling Out First Panda Refresh of 2013 Today 

Google’s stated goal of Panda is to reward “high-quality sites.”. While Google has never formally defined what a “high-quality site” is, Google has its own list of bullet points on their blog post from early 2011. The rationale has always been the same: to find more high-quality sites in search.

Panda and Penguin

Panda and Penguin


This is a first Panda data refresh of 2013 confirmed and it is fixing traffic drop after Google Panda  data refresh. First Panda data refresh of 2013 Confirmed. Time is gone, when we used to complain about Panda updates. Panda algorithm is now a part of Google search algorithm, and periodically Google keeps updating the algo or refreshing the data.

What Will Be Google‘s Panda/Penguin For 2013 ?

Like Panda, it too was designed to improve the quality of Google’s search results, but this one wasn’t as much about content as it was about ways people were beating the system by violating Google‘s Quality Guidelines.

The new updated of Panda and Penguin

All SEOer, bloggers, webmaster are waiting the announcement officially of Google regarding Panda and Penguin change. That changes will directly affect to industry SEO over the world.


Last week Google make a penalty to a lot of website which use black hat to get high ranking on Google. A most of webmaster used hidden – text link to get high ranking on Google. Those websites has been de-index by Google.

Webmasters Twitch Nervously as Google Releases First 2013 Panda Refresh

Google has continued with its exercise of refreshing its Panda update and has announced a fresh update on January 22, 2013. This is the first Panda update of 2013 following regular monthly updates since the past 2 months.

How to Build an SEO Strategy 2013 after Google‘s Penguin

In the wake of the latest Google Penguin update the SEO world was hit with a slight panic. Google‘s algorithm is trying to diminish the black hat SEO tricks that have been boosting low quality sites in the past. So what are some things to avoid doing in the aftermath of Google‘s latest algorithm update.

Numero Uno Web Solutions, GTA’s Premier Online Marketing and SEO Company said that “94% Of Google Penguin Victims Did Not Fully Recover,” Search Engine Roundtable website, January 2, 2013.) Search engine algorithms, such as Google Penguin, can have an immediate impact on a company’s online ranking and a lasting effect.

Google penguin update

Google penguin update

Google Warns of Major Penguin Update For 2013

That’s an ominous warning for the SEO industry – since 2013, Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have sent marketers and SEOs scrambling to reengineer strategies to address major changes in the way the search engine ranks sites. Alawy updated Google changes, and reviese your seo plan today.