Google Page Rank Updated 6 December 2013

Google Page Rank Updated 6 December 2013

That’s exact information which shared on Social Community such as Facebook, Twitter, ect.

This morning, Google pushed out a Google Toolbar PageRank update. This update shocked webmasters because no one expected it, at least not in 2013.

Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, said that:

“Despite PageRank still being part of the algorithm, SEOs know that toolbar PageRank is often outdated and not that useful. In addition, there are many other factors part of the algorithm that may or may not be as important as PageRank.”

The Toolbar PageRank update was over 10 months ago on February 4th. As I said at the six-month point, it was unusual for Google not to push out a PageRank update quarterly. Then Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, told us there won’t be a PageRank update before 2014 – or at least he thought so.


Many bloggers think Google Pagerank is very important for sites and blogs. Google Pagerank basically ranks a page on the basis of its backlinks and how authoritative that link is. High Google pagerank may boost ranking of the site. Therefore, Google announces update Pagerank is a good news for blogger communities.

Google Page Rank Updated

The new PageRank updates have brought mostly good news thanks to improved page ranks although a lot of people still haven’t come to terms with the sudden change in their Google Page Ranks. Especially after Matt Cutts, Google’s search spam head made a statement saying that he would be surprised if Google updated the page ranks this year.

Here is the post related to Google Page Rank Updated:

That is great for my site, got PR3 after updating this time. It will help me update the post often and improve the blog in the future.

How many PR you get ? I hope that you get high Pagerank next Google update.

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