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WP Robot 4: Automatically post Youtube Videos, Amazon Products, eBay auctions, Clickbank ads and much more to your blog without lifting a finger.

download wp robotWP Robot 4 is a major launch which saw the light of the day on the 5th of November 2013 and brought a number of cool new attributes and huge enhancements to the WP Robotic plugin. This page is implied as a changeling and a handbook for our customers, discussing the modifications and detailing some of the possibilities of the brand-new setups.

Here are some of supplement features of WP Robot 4 in home page:

WpRobot 4: More Spinning Integration

Rewriter integration saw the biggest changes. All rewritings settings were moved from the “Choices” page to the “All Rewriters” page, which is essentially a different plugin we have actually developed and incorporated into WP Robotic for better rewriter integration, simpler upgrading and more functions. You can even download All Rewriters as a stand-alone variation too.

These are the advantages and modifications of the brand-new system:

Chain Rewriting: Set up chain rewording on the “All Rewriters” page to have your content rotated by numerous of our 6 supported rewriter APIs (TheBestSpinner, Spinnerchief, ChimpRewriter, SpinRewriter, WordAI and ContentProfessor) one after the other.

WP Robot 4 Release

A brand-new Instantaneous Spinning Metabox on the WordPress “Add New” editor displays. It permits you to make use of any rewriters you have set up on the article you are dealing with, compare the results and quickly use it if sufficient. Go here to see a couple of pictures of the new section.

Support for ContentProfessor was added as our sixth supported rewriter.

Support for WordAI was enhanced and their Routine API was implemented besides the Turing one.

Smart Keyword Replace with WP Robot 4

You can discover this useful new setup on the WP Robot “Options” page. What it does can be a bit tough to comprehend, which is why it is best described with an example:.

WP Robot post template in your project consisting of 3 modules: Amazon, YouTube and then Yahoo Responses (so it would appear like this: YouTube yahoo answers).download wp robot

By default your campaign would include a keyword that is utilized to browse all 3 of those modules for content. With “Intelligent Keyword Replace” active the keyword is only utilized to search the first module, in this case Amazon, for content.

For the other modules WP Robot then utilizes the title returned by the 1st module as a keyword. State if the keyword was “Apple iPhone” and Amazon returns the “Apple iPhone 4 16GB (Black)” product, then this is the keyword for YouTube and Yahoo Responses. The advantage: Your modules will have more appropriate and matching content. You will have a YouTube video fitting the “Apple iPhone 4 16GB (Black)” Amazon item and not one for perhaps another iPhone model.

Intelligent Keyword Replace utilizes the title of the 1st module in your post template as the keyword for all following wp robot

The result will be more targeted material for the following modules. Nevertheless it can likewise result in no content being discovered if the title is too certain, which is why you ought to utilize the setting with care.

Enhanced Image Caching for WP Robot 4

This update improves the “Save Images to Server” setting on the Options page, which is now ready to “on” by default on new blog sites and can now save all images in posts WP Robotic produces to your server immediately with a lot more effectiveness.

The biggest advantage of this change is with the RSS Module. Earlier if an RSS feed in WP Robot included images as part of the feed material they might not be saved to your server.

Now in WP Robot 4 all images in an RSS feed will be downloaded and saved in your area as well as a featured image will be set.

WP Robot 4 With Disable Modules

You can find the brand-new disable module setups by going to the “Choices” page and clicking the disable modules tab at the top. Right here you can deselect any modules you do not intend to use on the existing blog site.

After conserving the choice those modules are concealed from the Options page, the Templates page and the Create Campaigns screen. You can enable them at any time.

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WP Robot 4: Automatically post Youtube Videos, Amazon Products, eBay auctions, Clickbank ads and much more to your blog without lifting a finger.
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