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Be continuous the series subject “How to make money online with Squidoo” Today Internet Marketing Products will help you do a step make money online with Squidoo.

  • Creating a Squidoo Lens: Squidoo Lens is a small unit help you create free website with the indentify keyword
  • Find keyword for lens

Rule Number 1 when starting a new lens, is to do all the Keyword Research before you click the “Start A Lens” button.

The reason for this is the same reason you don’t buy a domain name without doing any Keyword Research on the domain you are buying. As you probably already know, there are a million guides, websites and programs about Keyword Research on the web. There are some great tools to use, and some not so great tools. One of the most known is Market Samurai, click the link and you will get a free trial. And no, its not a affiliate link.

But in this Guide, I am going to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Simply because I have been using this on all of my lenses, and it works like a charm.

As I said before, always remember to think of how you are going to profit from squidoo lenses before you create it. The Squidoo Lenses that makes the most money, are without doubt the Amazon Product Review Lenses.

If you can find a good keyword about the product you are reviewing, then you can create a great squidoo lenses. You will get Highly Targeted Traffic, which means sales. And with a steady flow of Search Engine Traffic, your lens will also get a good “Lens Rank” in Squidoo. Which also means more money?

Keyword Research: Amazon Product Reviews

Now you need to head over to Amazon and find a product to review on your lens. In this example, I will review “LeapFrog Leapster”. And I will take you through the entire process, from creating the lens, to getting your first sale.

The first thing you will have to do, is head over to Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Then you type in your product name, or a phrase, that you think people will search for to find your product review. In my case, I will type in “LeapFrog Leapster”.

One thing you need to know, is that when this Keyword Tool says that Competition is Low, Medium or High, it is probably not reliable. What you need to do, is go to Google and search for your keyword in quotes like this: “LeapFrog Leapster”.

After searching through some keywords, I found one that had 260 searchers per month, and 102,000 hits on Google with quotes. This might seem like a lot of hard work for nothing.

But the main reason I picked this keyword, is because when I searched for it in Google, not one site had the keyword in their Link, Title and Description. Most people only had it in the description. Therefore, it is easy to rank for that keyword, just use it in your Squidoo Lens link, title, description and Tags.

The keyword I found was “LeapFrog Leapster”. It might seem a little off topic without the “LeapFrog Leapster”, but 99% of the people searching for it, will be looking for an LeapFrog Leapster.

You are probably thinking:

“Why go through all the trouble creating a lens for just 260 hits a mouth?” Because, the 260 hits are from 1 keyword alone, because we used “Exact” when searching for keywords. But really, all you need is around 300 hits a month. Then your lens will get a decent lens rank. And you will get 300 Highly Targeted Visitors to your lens every month. From just one Squidoo Lens.

Squidoo Lens: Amazon Product Review

Now it’s time to push the Button.

I usually write something like “Top 10” “Top Rated” or “Review of” before the keyword, to make people want to click it.

Just think about something that stands out of the crowd. A title that people just have to click. And when people are searching for “LeapFrog Leapster”. What better title than “Reviews of LeapFrog Leapster”.

Squidoo Lenses Tags

“Remember to use the most common keyword as the “best tag”. Because this is the keyword that is going to be used to show your lens on related lenses”.

You just started your first lens. Squidoo has also got a point and level system, where you earn points for everything you do. If you create a lens, like a lens, make a comment, get a comment, get liked, take a quiz or get a Amazon Sale, you will earn points! And after you have earned some points, you will level up! There are a lot of advantages leveling up, you can get a Lens Rank Boost! Where you can choose one of your lenses to get a boost in Lens Rank and you can unlock new themes to use on your lenses.

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  • No doubt choosing the right keywords is of utmost importance. Thanks for the great post and keep posting =)

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      Choose correctly keyword very difficult, so We should use Google Adword tool