Choosing The Right Products To Promote To Customer

Choosing The Right Products To Promote To Customer – The main thing you’ll have to remember when choosing the right product to promote is to be sure to choose products that people want or that relates to a large group of people. If you choose to promote E-books about how to be a magician you may not have as much success as if you chose to promote an E-book about getting out of debt, because there are a lot more people who need information on getting out of debt then people who need information on how to become a magician. This works the same for physical products. If you were promoting cassette players you wouldn’t be as successful as if you were promoting mp3 players, ipods, or cd players, so pay attention to what is hot and what is not because hot products are where the money is. Another good idea is to promote products in fields that are known for fraud (I talk about why in section B of this chapter)

After choosing the products you are going to promote you will want to determine which one pays the highest commission and has the lowest refund rate or the highest $/sale. The reason this is important is because whichever product has the highest profit potential is typically the product you will want to say is the best. For example – say you were promoting e-books on the best way to train your dog. You go to Clickbank and you find 4 e-books about training your dog that have good affiliate programs. Let’s say that all 4 of them cost 39.95. E-book (A) offers 33% commission per sale to its affiliates, E-book (B) offers 50% to its affiliates per sale, And E-book (C) offers 75% commission to its affiliates per sale (75% is the highest commission allowed by Clickbank). Now let’s say that the refund rates for all 3 of them are the same. This would mean that E-book (C) would have the highest $/sale.  You would want to promote E-book (C) at the top and say that it is the best because you will earn the most amount of $ per sale with this E-book. You would promote E-book (B) second and E-book (C) third.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of other things to consider when choosing the right products to promote. You will have to consider the cost of the product, the demand for that type of product, the average amount earned per sale ($/sale), the percent earned per sale (%/sale), The percent referred (% refd) , and you will have to consider things like how much you know about the product, is the product something you are interested in, do you feel you could write a good sales pitch or review for the product.

Choosing the Product to promote

Clickbank breaks all of this down in 4 different fields to make it easy to compare products and decide which products you are most interested in promoting. The four categories are as follows:

$/SALE: This is the average net dollar amount earned per affiliate per referred sale. This means on average how much $ the affiliates for this product profit per sale. Keep in mind that the $/sale is effected by refunds, charge backs, sales taxes, and Clickbanks cut. If you are looking at an E-book to promote that sells for $100.00 and it has a %/earned per sale of 75% you know that after Clickbanks cut your $/sale should be about $63. Now if this product only shows an average of $30.00 earned per referred sale then you know that although this product may sell well there are a lot of refunds and charge backs being made meaning the product must not be very good. If a product has a high %/sale but the $/sale isn’t close to where it should be based on the %/sale It would be wise to steer away from that product and find another product to promote.

%/SALE: This is the % earned per affiliate per referred sale. This number should not change unless the publisher changed the % they are willing to pay out per referred sale. %/sale is important because if the percent per sale is high but the $/earned per sale is low then you know the refund rate for that product is high and you should avoid promoting that specific product or program.

% REFERRED: This is the % referred by affiliates. If this number is low it means that the publisher does a lot of advertising and gets most of its business itself. You do not want to affiliate with programs that have a low % referred because there is not very much opportunity to make good $ promoting that product. If a product has a high % referred it means that most of its business comes from its affiliates. You do want to promote products with a high % referred because that means that there are already people making money with the program and there is a good opportunity to make good $ promoting that product.

GRAVITY: This is the number of affiliates who earned commission by referring customers to the publisher’s product. This number is based on a point scale and is not an actual total. Clickbank looks at the past 8 weeks and for each affiliate that the publisher has paid in the last 8 weeks Clickbank adds an amount between 0.1 and 1.0.The more recent the last referral the higher the value added. If the gravity is higher then the products above and below it then that program has been doing good the past two months. If the gravity is lower then the products above and below it then the product has not been doing very well as of late.

When Choosing The Right Products To Promote To Customer in Clickbank you want to take all 4 of these into consideration. You will want to promote products with a high gravity, a high %/sale, a high referred %, and a $/sale close to the current commission that the company offers its affiliates. If you find a product that has all of this you can make a killing promoting it through your affiliate review site.