Catalyst Theme Review – Which Best Theme for WordPress Powered Sites

WordPress is among the most popular content management systems available, especially for blog-based sites, but its default themes can be quite limited. Here is a post Catalyst Theme Review, it wrote by Blogging tips 

Designing a theme from scratch or modifying a free one can be labor-intensive. Many pre-built themes are extremely limited in their options; while they work for people who just want a simple blog, they don’t provide a lot of options for those who want fine control, a unique look, or add-ons such as a skin store. Catalyst is a WordPress theme framework designed to make it simpler to design and build the ideal site.

What is a Catalyst Theme ?

Catalyst Theme is a new wordpress theme framework from the developers of Frugal Theme.  As with many of these next generation WordPress theme frameworks, Catalyst aims to help you quickly develop your WordPress blog design in any way you see fit.  Catalyst theme it’s one of the best WordPress frameworks on the market and for sure it will grow with the time. The only other strong WordPress framework on the market I see now is Genesis Framework who also is doing a very good job with their theme. Both Catalyst and Genesis offers great themes and provides everything you need. I have decided to use Catalyst Theme because it has some features like custom CSS builder that I really enjoy.

Catalyst Theme Framework claims that their tool offers the ability to bring SEO to the next level. The tool offers a full package of options to build the strong SEO foundation. Those options are including the With In-Post/In-Page and Homepage Title, Description, Keyword and Metal control. The theme provides those options with clean code which are friendly to the search engine.

Catalyst is targeted at both developers and non-developers and provides a ‘bootstrap’ for creating custom WordPress themes for your website. In addition to providing an interface through the WordPress back office for customising your theme, alongside support for using custom CSS file(s), Catalyst injects enhanced SEO (search engine optimisation) features into your WordPress back office, allowing fine tuning of your posts’ and pages’ meta data. Catalyst represents the second generation of WordPress theme framework from its developers and demonstrates a significant growth and evolution from its ancestor, the Frugal Theme.

Responsive Design features

Catalyst Theme has been designed to allow users to fine-tune the ways in which their sites respond to the browser window. This is especially useful for designers who wish to create mobile-friendly sites.

Catalyst seems to have hundreds of design options, so its flexible, but not quite what I was looking for in a drag and drop theme. It’s seems similar to Builder in that every page can be different, except Builder allows you to visually arrange page elements into a stacking order. Headway on the other hand is a true fluid grid layout.

Catalyst Theme Review: Catalyst Theme the Best Choice for WordPress

Other than creating the bare bones design though, Pagelines is the least intuitive of the three. It took a while to find and test the drag and drop functionality. Although its an interesting approach, and somewhat simple looking at the outset, the more you get into it, the more cumbersome it gets.  The features you will not find in other WordPress theme frameworks but are present in the Catalyst theme include the CSS Builder and a comprehensive font control system. The CSS Builder is aimed at people who are not comfortable working CSS code but want to be. Based on your needs and wants, you simply choose the customizations you want and this feature will generate the CSS code for you, giving you an easy way to create custom CSS code without prior experience in the programming language.

Catalyst Theme Review: Which skin do you like ?

There are more 800 design for Catalyst Theme at this time, it will help you save time for looking the best skin for WordPress such as wordpress wedding theme. Blogging Tips shall show you some of screenshot of Catalyst Theme, if you are interested in this WordPress theme, you can select to apply for your blog or your website.

Catalyst Theme Review catalystskin

Here is special catalyst skin as folows:

Catalyst Theme Review

Catalyst Theme Review

Catalyst Theme Review Catalyst Theme Review

Catalyst Theme Review

Skypoint Catalyst Theme Review

susan-miner Catalyst Theme Review