Blogging Income Report: In November 2013

Marketing online help me manage my business every day and all time. At the same time, it also helps me generate many source income for my life.

How  to make passive income on your blog ?

There is three tips help you generate income for your blog to create a passive income.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers earn a percentage of every sale they make for your small business. This type of passive income is actually awesome because someone else is doing all of the leg work for you – affiliate marketers will write  reviews about your product or service on their blog, post links to your website via social media to promote the product for the customer. Each customer buys the product you will receive an amount of commission which paid by the manufacturer.

If you want to learn how to create passive income on Clickbank, I this Passive Income Training (link affiliate) will help you get more tips for earning passive income on Clickbank.

Blog Advertising

Blog Advertising is also another avenue for good passive income ideas. Google Adsense is one of the kingpin in this area. However due to years of leadership, it is getting extremely difficult for small and medium publisher to register an Adsense account. You can read more about alternatives to monetizing your blogs here.

Selling your own eBook on Amazon

Next best passive income ideas will be selling your own eBook on Amazon. This is a good source of recurring income. In order to truly enjoy the passive nature of making money from the eBook, we can outsource the writing to a shadow writer.

As you know, I started writing blog from 2011 ago, but I’ve started marking online since 2006. I like to writing a blog to share the knowledge and favorite to all my friends. Actually, I also earned a piece of income each month.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday just overcame and I’m happy because all marketing strategy helps me make real money online.

As normal, I rarely to share the income of blogging on, but I just think again, share an income report it will help me and my friend below how making money online on the internet.

Blogging Income Report

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Here is an income report on November 2013:

Commission:~ $1163

Investment:  the cost of internet marketing tools: total $343

  • Domain and Hosting: ~$119
  • GSA Search Engine Ranker: $89
  • Captcha service: 50$
  • Content service: $85 USD

Gross Profits: ~$1280

The income in November is smaller than October so I must invest more internet marketing tools for other marketing strategies.

I hope that in December, the amount of commission of Black Friday and Cyber Monday will pay more and more.


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  • Ron

    good !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you visit my blog Ron 🙂

  • The result is very impressive. I really want to make lots of money like you, but i just earned a little money 🙂

    • Do’nt stop, you want to earn more in the future.

  • How a success blogger! Congratulations.

  • The revenue of Mr Son very much. I hope I can get a small amount like that. I only earn about 100 $ very month. Can you tell me some tips related to Gator and ShareaSale

    • Hi DungNX, regarding Gator and Shareasale, i often promote its products when they offer the promotion program. I also advices my friend try to use Hostgator, it is the best hosting which i’ve ever used.
      Shareasale has more heath affiliate programs, you can try to apply and promote it.

      Good luck to you.