Blogging Income Report in February 2014

Blogging Income Report

Blogging Income Report 2014

Anstip Blogging Tips showed all readers who follow these articles on my blog. I have shared the incomes report in December 2013, you could read it here.

In the end of each month, I will write an income report to summarize all income sources and try to the best effort to find out the best source to develop further in the next month.

In February 2014, I try to do a small business on my blog, and it’s actually effective for my lifestyle.

I have invested more projects for ensure all business activities stability. I try to build some of micro niche sites for special product in Amazon, Clickbank and Shareasale.

To build successfully a niche, I must find the lower competition keyword and high profitable; therefore, I upgrade Long Tail Pro became Long Tail Platinum to seek the keyword for niche campaign. Actually, I paid $17 per month for this tool to research a massive keyword.

Blogging Income Report

After that, I registered a domain with exact match keyword (Top 3 domain .com,.net or. org) on Namecheap, it cost $10,84.

To set up a micro niche site, I used to WordPress platform with little Wordpres’s plugin. For getting the fresh content, I ordered it in Text Broker; they will provide refreshed content to easy ranking on Google.

At the same time, I try to optimize a micro niche site with SEO on-page and SEO off-page. After the week ago, I used web 2.0 to build a tier 1 for micro niche site.

There are a lot of websit 2.0 you can build a mini blog such as:,,,, etc.

However, I get a massive juice link on from Web 2.0. I used to GSA Search Ranker to build a tier 2 backlink. These are a good tool for tier 2 backlink; I used to VPS Window of Berman Hosting; it operated very effective. At the present, Berman Hosting is running promotion program. You can order cheap VPS Windown only $8per month. Moreover,  in order to run GSA Ranker, I bought the private proxies to get the backlink quickly. You can get up to 20 private proxy only $10 per month.

 In February, the fee which paid for the Internet marketing tools includes:

Total: ~$293,36

  Here is a small income in February:

Total: ~1569,03

As you see, the income report in February 2014, it increased than December, 2013.

Final Though:

In March, I will increase SEO on Micro Niche Site and waiting the best result of the market. Google will be continued to change next months; therefore, I will focus to create the best content for my niche site.

Moreover, I will public the first e-book by Vietnamese and re-launch Micro Niche Site Course for all Vietnamese friends.

I special thank to all friends and contributor who help me manage and develop my online business.

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