Automated Content Curation Software Drive Traffic to Your Site

Content curation it’s a trend that needs no introduction. The more information web community generates the more time, we need to find something.

We’ve all heard that content is king. But not many small businesses have the time (or the money) to create original content on a regular basis — let one as much as many marketers think one “should” put new content up on their blog.

Journalism academic Paul Bradshaw has written a detailed post on curation, for those who want to do more to collect content from across the web in effective ways. The post features helpful examples of the variety of curation. You can find different ways to curate content online

What Makes Content Curation Valuable?

  • The content curator will pick the best contents, which are important as well as relevant to share with the community.
  • Content curation is a great tactic for promoting your thought leadership, but be sure to distinguish your insight from source material.
  • Added value which is content curation that leverages existing content by offering commentary, interpretation and other kinds of elucidation that adds value to the source is a good thing.

How to curate content for a blog ?

Many of the earlier adopters of Twitter were able to generate significant followings on the back of their ability to scan the web for evergreen content relevant to their niche in order to share their ‘found’ goodies at times most likely to be clicked.

In “A Practical Guide to Real Time Publishing”, I created a table to compare original content vs. licensed vs. curated vs. automation content. Original content is best for driving SEO traffic and Social sharing. You can read more tips in the post How Content Curation Can Benefit Your Blog

While automated content curation offers a possible solution to this growing problem, it misses a critical point. To be done properly, content curation requires the added value that only humans can provide to convert curated.

Which is the best content curation software ?

CurationSoft V3 is a serious tool for someone that doesn’t mind to putting in a little effort after using the software to create a high quality curated content driven site. It also does it’s best to give proper credit back to the original content.

Curation Soft 3 is an Adobe Air software that allows you to Discover, and Curate Content from Wikipedia, Google Blogs.

Curation Soft 3.0 is an Adobe Air software that allows you to Discover, Review and Curate Content from Wikipedia, Google Blogs and News, Blekko Blogs and News, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and ANY RSS Feed You Want!

CurationSoft 3.0 New Features

This is a review of Curationsoft 3.0 new features and usage example from Jack Humphrey.

Curation Soft 3.0

Curation Soft 3.0 is the newest software that will help you in generating content as well as much drive much traffic while also saving your time .

Most websites use blogs to increase traffic and improve their search engine rankings.

CurationSoft 3.0 will help you spend less time, but produce more quality content. This results in more traffic, more repeat visitors and better search rankings than ever before. Grab CurationSoft 3.0  now !

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