7 Tips For SEO On page Factors

seo on page factors7 Tips For SEO On page Factors

Google has just updated ranking for all websites on their toolbar, if you got a high page rank for your website, you must maintain to develop your site more. In other hand, if your website got low page rank, you should to improve the SEO factors to get high ranking in the next time.

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of improving and promoting a website in order to increase the number of visitors the site receives from search engines. SEO as well as the art and science of obtaining top positions on Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other major search engines.

As you know SEO includes SEO Onpage and SEO Off Page. Today I will introduce you the SEO Onpage Factors and let you know how to optimize correctly SEO Onpage for your post during implementing SEO Website.

On-Page SEO Optimization is not only for increasing rankings but also made for executing good presence on the internet. Whatever we optimizing inside the website or blog is known as On-Page SEO.

There are many factors affect SEO onpage, here are 8 factors must be done that improve SEO Onpage on your site.

SEO on page factors

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Exact Choosing Keyword

Many people out there who try to focus on a single keyword in the futile attempt to dominate every search result relating to that particular word.

Your SEO keywords are the key words and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. A website that is.

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Meta Description SEO

Meta Description are HTML attributes that provide concise explanations of the contents of web pages. According MOZ ” Meta description tags, while not important to search engine rankings, are extremely important in gaining user click-through from SERPs. These short paragraphs are a webmaster’s opportunity to advertise content to searchers and to let them know exactly whether the given page contains the information they’re looking for.”

However, you don’t try to put so many Meta Description, Matt Cutts Senior Spam Engineer at Google emphasize that the website should have a lot of duplicate meta descriptions, it is a sign of a much bigger problem of duplicate content or content getting crawled at addresses and it will have a bad effect on your ranking.

Image ALT Attribute for SEO

If you have several images of the same type of products, such as men’s timepieces, try and distinguish the ALT published text of each picture by specifying the type of the product. The key is to make your images have meaning for search engines.

Using “ALT” tags on your images will help ensure high search engine results. Tagging images will allow even a visitor who cannot load the images know what the image should have been in that slot.

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Keyword on Tile

Some important SEO tips when considering a good Title for your page. Length. The title tag should not be more than 67-69 characters considering Google’s SERP (search engine results page) requirement.

The post titles are worth more when it comes to SEO, SEO title tag is one of the most important elements of on-site search optimization. It should include your business name along with the main keyword phrase you are targeting.

The Right SEO URL Keywordseo on page factors

Some SEO experts that say placing keywords within the URL is vitally important, having an SEO friendly URL means that you have inserted the keywords appropriately and the search engine is quickly able to figure out what the page is all about.

Outbound Link SEO

Being imperative that you include a few outbound links on your website. Some good examples are to trade organizations, universities, …

Outbound links should be contextual, so you may want to refer in an article to another article that inspired your post or which offers some background to it on a popular news, technology or entertainment site.

Internal Links

Internal links from one page to another page on your website can help your site get indexed by search engines and make your site easier to use.

But don’t put so many internal links per per page, here is an explanation of Matt:

Finally, there are many SEO Onpage factors need to optimize when you write a post. If you do SEO Onpage, you will save more money to make link building for your site.

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