3 Ways Making Money Online On Your Blog

ways making money onlineBlogging is one of the easiest ways to make money online, because it is such a simple model to implement. You simply create a blog and start posting content to it and create and audience of readers that know, like and follow.

There are many ways to make money blogging if you’re looking to monetize your site. With a little creativity and hard work it is possible to make money blogging.

If you want to make money writing or blogging, then I can show you a step by step process on how making money blogging. There are many online money making opportunities. I started writing a blog in 2011 and I also earn a piece of money online from affiliate marketing.

Today I write this post to show you how to make money online  on your blog.

3 ways making money online

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Which way I can earn money online on my blog?

    Make Money By CPM and CPC

CPM ad networks. Similar to PPC networks are CPM ad networks. CPM stands for cost per mile or cost per thousand impressions. Unlike pay per click networks where visitors need to click on a n ad for you to make money.

List of popular CPC advertising networks:

List of popular CPM advertising networks:

Make Money Online By Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate marketer is a person who sells another organization’s product or services on his or her own website and receives a commission for the sale.

If you’re looking for ways to earn money from the Internet, affiliate marketing is definitely the best way for you because it has many benefits over other types of online business.

List of popular affiliate marketplaces and networks:

     Make Money Online By I

n-text Advertising

In-text advertising is a form of contextual advertising where specific keywords within the text of a web-page are matched with advertising and/or related information units.

A blogger should not only use banner ads for monetization. In-text advertising is an effective alternate way to monetize your blogs. You must implement in-text ads into your blog posts in a way the text ads do not appear odd with the blog.

According to Daily Blog Tips In-text adverting networks like Kontera and Vibrant Media will place sponsored links inside your text. These links come with a double underline to differentiate them from normal links, and once the user rolls the mouse over the link the advertising will pop. Should the user click on it the site owner will make some money”.

Here is a list of posts show you how making money on your blog, you can read it and find for yourself one way to generate your income.

There are many ways to make money online on your blog, if you have a blog I think it is a advantage condition for you start to earn money online.

Hopefully that, this post is useful for your business, if you like it please help me share it for all friends you have.

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