15 Awesome Tools to Use Digital Marketing Inforgraphic

Today, I receive a email from my friend in Canada, he told me that InforGraphic is amazing method to buld the link juice for a website. This is a Digital Marketing Inforgraphic  Trend in 2014.

How to make link-building by InforGraphic ?

According WikiPedia “Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of informationdata or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends. The process of creating infographics can be referred to as data visualizationinformation design, or information architecture.”

As you know,  picture is worth one thousand words – predicated on this, infographics would bring thousands of words, however in the event that you let a readers select from a full-length 1000-phrase content and an infographic that requires several scroll-downs, they’d possibly prefer absorbing information directly from the infographic.

Coloured charts and illustrations provide connections much better than tables and figures so when users spending some time looking backwards and forwards the entire infographic, they stick to the website longer. Plus, visitors who including what they see will share visual guides a lot more than articles.

While not everyone could make infographics from scratch, you can find tools obtainable on the Web that will assist you create your own infographics. In this post, we’re listing a lot more than 15 tools to obtain your communications across to your visitors, visually.


Vizualize.me enables you to make an on-line resume format that’s beautiful, relevant and enjoyment, all with just one single click. It allows you to communicate your expert accomplishments in a straightforward yet compelling individual visualization, and can help enhance your LinkedIn Profile to obtain a kickass Visible Resume.

vizualize me


With Piktochart, you can create a forward thinking Infographic using a mix of various kinds of visualizations: styles, icons, vectors, pictures and chart exporter.  designs and fonts, after that export the components as static or html to effortlessly embed it for make use of at your site.



Easel.ly is really a fun tool to generate your Infographics with drag and fall features and a straightforward interface. It is simple to create and share visible ideas online, backed by ‘vhemes’ or visual designs that help you to get began from the preset Infograpic design. Drag and fall a ‘vheme’ on your canvas to show your idea right into a complete infographic.

easel ly

Timeline JS

TimelineJS is a superbly crafted timeline that is simple and intuitive to utilize. It is possible to pull in mass media from different resources with built-in assistance for Twitter, Flickr, Search engines Maps, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion,  soundCloud and much more.

timeline js


Visually helps you personalize infographics in seconds, no, you don’t need to be an analyst or developer to create infographics with Visually Create. Ly enables you to furthermore find out infographics and favorites from additional users.

visual ly

Many Eyes

Many Eyes can be an experiment by IBM Analysis and the IBM Cognos software program group with a straightforward belief: ‘Finding the proper way to see your information is really as much a skill as a science’. Numerous Eyes provides a selection of visualizations from the normal to the experimental, where each could be come up with with a click.

many eyes


Venngage can be an online infographics device that helps you produce and publish custom made infographics, and at exactly the same time, engage viewers and monitor results. Venngage enables you to create gorgeous infographics for sites and web sites and you may also watch the amounts of your target audience develop with compelling and gorgeous content.



With iCharts,  iCharts makes it simple to visualize, reveal and distribute big and little data.



StatSilk offers web-centered and desktop software to create data analysis easy, effective and enjoyable, to focus on varied mapping and visualisation requirements.


InFoto Free

InFoto Free can be an app for the Android to generate an infographic of one’s photo-taking habits, utilizing a Picture stats analyzer. With InFoto Totally free you can create amazing searching high-res infographics from your own photo collection. It lets you know things such as what time of your day you’d like to take pictures in, whether you like horizontal or vertical orientations plus your favorite town to shoot in.

infoto free

Photo Stats

Photo Stats can be an iPhone app that analyses the pictures you undertake your iPhone.  When and where you take your pictures from. You can simply visualize your photo-taking behavior and talk about it with friends.

photo stats


Dipity is really a free electronic timeline website, if you’re after a different kind of Infographics. The objective is to arrange the web’s articles by date and period. Dipity may be the fastest and simplest way to bring background to life with spectacular multimedia timelines.


There are many InforGraphic tools help you make free inforgraphic for you today. Free to search on Google to find down the best tool or use these herein.

I hope that you like it.